Cleaning & Guest Service Fees

Number of Bedrooms






 1 Bedroom30.0037.50105.00 152.50 325.00
 2 Bedrooms30.0037.50120.00 162.50 350.00
 3 Bedrooms30.0037.50135.00 172.50 375.00
 4 Bedrooms30.0037.50150.00 182.50 400.00
 5 Bedrooms 30.0037.50165.00 192.50 425.00
 6 Bedrooms30.0037.50180.00 202.50 450.00

Arrival & Departure Preparation:  Preparing the house includes blowing off the decks, checking the sound system, internet connection and testing all televisions to make sure they are all working properly. This fee also includes the caretakers time for arrival and departure inspections which includes a detailed written inspection report.  Inspection reports are required by the insurance carrier that underwrites the damage insurance policy, to insure that the current guest is not held responsible for damage from a prior tenant. 

Inventory Verification:  Inventory counts include all towels, linens, bedding, accessories, and a full reconciliation of the kitchen inventory


Laundry is the most time consuming element of the guest service fee. The fee covers laundering of towels, professional dry cleaning bed linens and duvet covers and steam pressing bedding sets.

Laundry Services
Dry Cleaning Loads of WashHours
 Total Cost
 1 Bedroom
 70.002 loads
 1.4 hrs
 2 Bedrooms
 85.004 loads
 2 hrs
 3 Bedrooms
 100.006 loads
 2.6 hours
 4 Bedrooms
 115.008 loads
 3.2 hours
 5 Bedrooms
 130.0010 loads
 3.8 hours
 6 Bedrooms  145.0012 loads
 4.4 hours

Cleaning Fee:  This fee covers re-making of beds, vacuuming, steam mopping floors, bathroom toilets, tubs and showers, wiping out the refrigerator, microwave and range top and oven, dusting furniture, light fixtures, artwork and blinds.  We only use Method products in our home which does not contain any harmful chemicals these green products are much more expensive than typical cleaning products. 

 Cleaning Services Hours
 1 Bedroom
5 hours
 2 Bedrooms
5.5 hours
 3 Bedrooms
 6 hours
 4 Bedrooms
 6.5 hours
 5 Bedrooms
 7 hours
 6 Bedrooms
 7.5 hours

Excess Fees
The following items are not included in the Cleaning Guest Service fee and will be billed as excess cleaning at $30.00 per hour:

*  Kitchen not left in the same condition as it was in upon arrival.

*  Ovens and Range top left excessively dirty

*  Floors left excessively dirty (we as that guests removed shoes when entering the home and provide disposal slippers)

*  Beach Towels and Robes borrowed and not laundered

*  Dirty dishes left in the dishwasher or dishes put away dirty in the cabinets

*  Gas BBQ Grill or Smoker left excessively dirty

*  Excessive window cleaning from an excessive amount of fingerprints.

*  Time spent searching for missing controllers (every television has a controller template to assist guests with where they belong)

*  Time spent searching for missing towel sets (laundry baskets are provided in each bedroom closet for gusts to place towels at departure)

*  Any time spent picking up cigarette butts around the exterior of the property.  If any cigarette smell is present inside the home the guest will be charged for costs associated with removal of the cigarette smoke which will include carpet cleaning, dry cleaning of bedding, shams, comforters, pillows, bed skirts, bed panels and the costs associated with rental of professional air fans and freshner products. 

*  Excessive trash over allotment (trash that will not fit in the trash barrel provided) and requires a dump run.  Guest will be charged for  caretakers time to and from the property, plus the cost of the dump fee.  This includes Christmas tree removal.

*  Excessive Caretaker calls and or visits for anything reported by guest and after visit it was determined that the call was not warranted.