Waiver for Use of Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs (available to repeat guests only): Swan Shores Lodge has one set of Men's Golf Clubs and one set of Ladies Golf Clubs available to our guests to use from June to the end of September. These special amenity items must be requested in advance of the stay and a waiver for use must be signed prior to arrival by every operator/participant and parents or a guardian of a child.  These are special amenity items outside the scope of normal amenities provided therefore are not covered by the Accidental Damage Insurance policy or the vacation rental security deposit. Therefore if guests would like to borrow these amenities a second security deposit is required.

Golf Club Security Deposit is $500.00 (covers both sets of Golf Clubs)

The Golf Club Secuirty Deposit can only be paid by eCheck (electronic funds transfer from bank account) sorry we are not able to accept credit cards.   We can only accept  the Golf Club Security Deposit from the person shown on the rental agreement. Prior to submitting waivers the renter of the property will be sent a link for processing the eCheck ( bank transfer) through our payment processing site. A fee of $19.95 will be deducted from the security deposit to cover Administrative costs. Insufficient funds or baking submissions with invalid account numbers will be accessed a $35.00 processing fee

** Please note that we only accept waivers through the automated digital signature process, we are not able to accommodate requests for manually processing waivers through the mail, scan or fax.

Golf Club Waiver